Hello, my name is Jake and I would like to present this: another set of 1’s and 0’s in the internet universe.  A place to record my thoughts that are longer than a post - shorter than an essay.  They may at moments be refined, informed, and interesting.  Other moments, add “un” to those 3 WORDS.

I’ve made this collection of WORDS only accessible via this URL:

I started psychotherapy recently, and it’s made me more conscious of the fact that I often suppress thoughts due to a formatting incompatibly.  They’re not really suited for casual conversation, and the idea of proselytizing on social media is a bit old hat - no?  This collection of WORDS has no option for comments, likes, or followers.  If some small group of people find them useful, they will always be here.  If not, no matter.  I find it soothing to have a small place besides my mind to think out loud, without giving much consideration to it’s reception or entertainment value.  For that reason I will reference this page seldom elsewhere.


A lot of people might say “ya Jake, it’s called a blog, the format has been around for decades.”  

I knowwww, I don’t claim this to be a novel pursuit, just my pursuit.  And I can’t stress enough how hopeful I am that these can be just WORDS.  I don’t desire to be “a blogger.”  I just want to think and write more often.  I spend my days writing music primarily, and songs work best developing feelings more than ideas.

There are a lot of disclaimers in these first WORDS… ‘cuz I’m a disclaim-y kinda guy.  One more ‘claimer (short for disclaimer, keep up) worth noting: I recognize how faux-artistic-pompous-narcissitic something like this can all sound.  

This is not meant to be art.  These are just WORDS, nothing more.  But to the extent that the WORDS are entirely about my interests and tangents… in that sense it is narcissistic.  I can own that here, in this digital place.

After today I will avoid discussing the nature of the WORDS, these are just the first WORDS that set up future, less-meta WORDS.  I’m not quite sure what kind of WORDS they will be.  These current WORDS are mostly in full grammatical sentences, but some may not be.  Some may be formatted like a robust Christmas dinner, and others like a few forgotten chips under a couch cushion.  Let’s test the chips out for a second:

woahhhhh sikkk lyfeee :)))

Alright that was enough.  Until next time…

Sincerely, -JD